The tallest waterfall in the central pacific

Famous for its tall looks this is probably one of the hardest hikes on the area, but if you are into hiking and nature this is a perfect choice for your surf camp package, the are of the waterfall is located withing the ranges of the Carara national park and it filled with wild life and amazing views, only for the most daring of people this half day activity would be the perfect completent to really get a sense of the natural habbitats of this lovely tropical paradise.


The hike..

This awesome activity would start with a one hour drive from Jaco beach Costa Rica to the back of the Carara National park, to enter its dense jungle and find the tallest waterfall in the central pacific of Costa Rica, the hike down is about one hour long and you would encounter all kinds of endemic species from the area as well as lovely views of the jungle and the ocean.


Feel the breath of the jungle

Challenge your self to the limit

As close as it gets

To be able to experience this fall is unique in all of its aspects, from the drive there to the hike and to finally being in front of it you can sense the power of the jungle as close as it gets...


Enjoy natures power

And find your own

Push your self to the top

Perfect activity for the one looking to challenge his or her own body and mind through the Costa Rican jungle to see a magical fall and river all surrounded by the great Carara national park and its wild life


What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • hiking or tennis shoes
  • Water and snacks
  • Mosquito repellent (not spray)
  • Sunblock (not spray)
  • some change in case we stop for a meal after hiking
  • Transportation
  • Tortuga Surf camp guide
  • Entrance to the water fall
  • Water and fruit after the hike


  • About 5 hours from departure to return, scheduled around the tides.


  • $50 (2 people min)