Just surf and relax...

Surf & Stay is our simplest way of travel and surf without the adventure itineraries yet still maintaining strict training features to focus more on your surfing and you can do as you like with your free time.

Our Surf and Stay surf camp allow you to march at beat of your own drum and still be a part of this amazing training experience we call Tortuga Surf camp.
Same as on the FULL SURF CAMP feature you would be able to select from a range of lodging options that would help you adapt to your budget and lodging style preferences regardless if you are a lay-back traveler or would like to stay at a nicer place or even a more upscale space, our lodging options menu would help you browse through the properties currently offered under the Tortuga Surf camp umbrella.

Every pre-set weekly program is custom made and tailored for every surf student group’s chosen weekly range , this unique way of creating programs allows us to keep groups small and personal in order to help maximize your training time and result.
With now 10 year in Playa Jaco Costa Rica and on the leading positions on this industry we manage to create bonds and relationships with our lodging owners and are able to offer competitive rates and extra value for the cost of the features, a vital mix for success when receiving travelers from all over the world and with all sorts of backgrounds.


Give your self some time to explore Playa Jaco Costa Rica, and its sister beaches, Playa Herradura and world class surfing destination Playa hermosa.
Rent a bicycle to take an adventure to a near by beach or just simply come over to our beach station and read a book, the waves and warm water of tropical Playa Jaco are waiting for your to be introduced to the most beautiful sport of the planet by the hand of the Tortuga surf camp crew.
Always remember to include as much information about your possible holiday as possible on our contact page or our reservation form, so that we can help you create the best training week of your life.
That would be the only rule the dates & tides would rule the clock, as we are forced to schedule our activities around the tides.


Do one of our many Hikes

Ask for our hiking areas and discover the beauty of the local natural scene, from scarlet macaws, to Toucans and Capuchin monkeys our near by jungles have plenty to offer to the visitors. 

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Discover the local Wildlife