Paddle board on the pacific ocean

This relaxing adventure is a blend of surfing and kayaking providing a new dimension to your view of the water.
Relatively a new sport with a world growth like no other water sport has ever seen. The upright position on the board brings you a new perspective on balance and it gives you the ability to enjoy the lovely scenery of the area close to Jaco beach in Gorgeous Costa Rica. And yeah it is a great work out when done in the ocean


Beach instructions

This incredible adventure would start with basic one on one drills on the beach to get you to be more familiar with your equipment, and with the ocean.
All of our instructors are fully prepared water men ready to help you paddle and even drag you if its needed.

And of to the ocean!

After the main drills we would take you on the ocean to start testing your new acquire abilities, make sure we would be with you every step of the way and help you stand up and ride into sunset or sunrise as this are the most recommended times to practice this sport on the ocean to minimize the posibilities for wind.

This was one of my best experiences in town, just to sit out in the ocean after such work out just to admire the sun setting right in front of us, it was just unreal!
— TripAdvisor

What to bring:

  • Sunglasses with leash
  • Swim suit and hat
  • Sunblock
  • water camera (optional-bring a float)

Duration & Cost

  • 2 hours $60


  • Board & Paddle rental
  • Certified paddle instructor and guide
  • Water and fruit
  • Complementary Gopro pictures


  • Sunrise & Sunsets only


Don't Wait any longer

come paddle with us